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Terms and conditions

  1. MetGym shall not be held liable for any damage resulting from an injury incurred by the client as a result of the use of the gym equipment or the training of the member unless it results from the personal fact of the merchant or his representatives.
  2. MetGym declines responsibility for the loss or theft of personal items unless it results from the personal fact of the merchant or his representatives.
  3. The minimum age for training and / or participating in group classes is 15 years old. The parent must be present when signing the contract and any other documents related to the membership.
  4. The contract is transferable under certain conditions. Fees are applicable.
  5. Membership Freeze is available. Fees are applicable and the duration cannot exceed three (3) months.
  6. In the event of a justified medical decision, the client has fourteen (14) days, from the moment of the judgment, to inform MetGym in writing. After this period, the merchant is entitled to refuse any compensation.
  7. Group classes are officially given if the instructor considers that the number of participants is sufficient. Schedules and instructors are subject to change.
  8. A payment method (credit/debit card or cash) is mandatory at the signing of the contract.
  9. Payments written on the contract must continue to be paid until the end of the contract even if the client no longer uses the center's amenities except in the case where the cancellation occurs is inferior or equal to 1/10 of the duration of the contract.
  10. The client accepts full responsibility for damage to the Center's equipment and facilities if they use them negligently. The client agrees to use the equipment properly, store it in the intended area after use, and not drop the weights.
  11. If the member does not respect the terms of their contract, MetGym is entitled to terminate their membership to the Center without notice or compensation.
  1. Dress Code: Athletic wear and sneakers are mandatory. The wearing of jeans is forbidden. Sandals, boots and belts are forbidden.
  2. It is mandatory to present your barcode at each visit. Another piece of identification may be required at any time. A fee of $ 5.00 is required to replace the member's barcode if broken, stolen or lost.
  3. The towel is mandatory on the training areas.
  4. No children on the training areas.
  5. The sports bag and the coat are forbidden on the training platform and in the group classes.
  6. Weights must be placed after each use.
  7. No drugs, food and alcohol will be tolerated and smoking is prohibited on the premises.
  8. No training with an outside coach is tolerated.
  9. No solicitation is accepted on the premises.
  10. No aggressive, unpleasant or unacceptable behavior is tolerated.
  11. It is mandatory to take a shower before using the sauna. It is forbidden to wear clothes in the sauna. The towel is obligatory.
  12. Daycare service is provided free of charge to members. The attendant can refuse any child who is ill or has an inappropriate behavior. The minimum age to qualify for daycare is fourteen (14) months and a maximum of ten (10) years. The parent cannot leave their child in daycare for more than two (2) consecutive hours.